Time Line

November 13th, 1732 - The American statesmen and pamphleteer Dickinson was born in Talbot county, Maryland.

October - 1759 - Practice Law - After practicing law for a little more than a year, Dickinson is elected to the Delaware assembly as a Kent county representative. (AGE 27)

October 1760 - John Dickinson is re-elected and chosen speaker of the assembly.

May 1762 - He is elected to fill in a vacant seat in Pennsylvania Assembly in a special election.

October 1764 - He is re-elected to Pennsylvania assembly

September 1765 - He chairs committee to write instructions for Pennsylvania Representatives to the Stamp Act Congress (Age 33)

October 1765 - He serves as representative to Stamp Act Congress

December 1765 - He writes and publishes Pamphlet "The Late Regulations respecting the British Colonies considered."

December 1767 - He writes and publishes series of letters in newspapers titles "Letters From A Pennsylvania Farmer to the in habitants of the British Colonies" (Age 35)

October 1770 - He is elected to Pennsylvania Assembly.

June 1774 - He is appointed Chairman of the Philadelphia Committee of Correspondence.

October 1774 - He is elected to Pennsylvania Assembly; serves as delegate to First Continental Congress; writes "An address to the Inhabitants of Quebec."

May 1775 - He is elected representative to Second Continental Congress

June 1775 - He is appointed Chairman of Committee Safety and Defense for Pennsylvania.

July 1775 - he writes the "Olive Branch Petition.",and collaborates with Thomas Jefferson to write "Declaration on causes and Necessity of taking up arms"

June 1776 - He chairs committee to write the "Articles of Confederation" and abstains from the final vote for Independence. Dismissed as a delegate from congress (Currently leaing his militia into NJ).

November 1776 - He declines elected in both Pennsylvania and Delaware Assemblies

January 1777 - The Delaware Assembly appoints Dickinson as a delegate to congress; he declines.

April 1779 - He accepts appointment to congress of Delaware.

November 1780 - He is selected to Delaware Assembly. (Age 48)

November 1781 - He is elected to Pennsylvania's Supreme Executive council, then elected President of Pennsylvania.

September 1786 - He leads Delaware delegates to Annapolis Convention, is selected chairman of convention.

May 1787 - He is a delegate at the constitutional convention.

1788 - He writes the First of seven letters signed "Fabius"

December 1792 - He is elected to the Delaware Assembly

March 1793 - He resigns his senatorial seat. This signals the end of his political career.

February 1808 - John Dickinson dies at age 75.